Professional distance learning courses in Python development

by Alex
Professional distance learning courses in Python development

This article discusses where to get training for beginners and experienced Python developers, how to find the best courses and which online schools help with job placement.

How to learn to program in Python remotely

Python development training can be done in an online school. It’s convenient:

  • Webinars are saved in recordings. You’ll be able to connect to an online conference or watch a recorded lesson.
  • Since classes are conducted remotely, you don’t have to spend time traveling. This training format is easy to combine with work.
  • You’ll have a mentor on the course who will answer questions and help you figure out complex tasks. You won’t have to study forums in search of a solution.
  • All videos and tutorials are saved in your personal account. Many online schools leave access to them forever.

How does online schooling work:

  • You watch live or recorded lectures. The instructor explains the new topic on the screen and answers questions.
  • After the lesson, you see the homework in your personal cabinet, which you have to do in 4-7 days. This can be Python programming language tasks, work with a simulator, etc.
  • The finished work is checked by a supervisor. You will find out what mistakes you made and get recommendations.
  • Throughout the course, you will prepare a thesis project, which you will add to your portfolio.

How to choose an online course for an aspiring programmer

When choosing a Python programming course for beginners, pay attention to the following conditions:

  • Cost of tuition. Some online schools provide installment plans – you can pay for your studies in installments.
  • Topics included. It is important that there is a lot of practical training – so you can prepare a portfolio.
  • What document the school issues: an electronic certificate, diploma or certificate.
  • Whether there is an internship or assistance with finding a job (career advice, sending a resume to a database of partners, guaranteed employment, etc.).

To search for online courses we recommend using special aggregators. For example, – here is the largest selection of courses from different schools, which you can compare by price, duration, format of classes. And the service also has student reviews. That’s where we found the best Python courses, and we’ll tell you about them below.

Best Python programming courses from scratch

We have compiled the top courses for those who want to learn Python programming from scratch:

  1. “Python Developer from scratch” from Netology. You’ll be shown how to use Python for a variety of purposes, from website development to games and applications. There will be a lot of practical lessons where you will create 4 projects for your portfolio. After the course, you will receive a state professional retraining diploma.
  2. “Online Python Course” by Hedu. In the course you will learn the basics of Python and write your own application. The program is designed specifically for beginners: after each lesson there is a test or homework with verification, at all stages of training you will be supported by a mentor. The school gives you an electronic certificate, and, if necessary, sends the original by mail.
  3. “Python for Beginner Programmers” by OTUS. Learn the syntax of the Python programming language, learn how to build websites in Django, and learn how to use the NumPy and Pandas libraries for data analysis. After each webinar – a verification test. The course is preparatory and designed for self-study.

Training programs for advanced developers

A list of the best training courses for advanced programmers includes the following:

  1. “Middle Python Developer” from Yandex.Practicum. You’ll master the technologies that are used in backend development, learn how to solve complex database problems, work with frameworks, and gain experience in teamwork. You’ll practice your skills on an online simulator and create several large projects for your portfolio, on which a professional developer will do a code review. Access to an introductory block of topics is free.
  2. “Python Developer PRO” by Geekbrains. A hands-on programming course where you’ll master the Django framework, create an application with a server, and practice working in a team. At the end of training you will be able to do an internship and get experience working on a project, which is close to the real conditions. At the end of the online course, you’ll receive a state-of-the-art professional development certificate.
  3. “Python Developer. Professional” from OTUS. You will practically learn how to develop high-loaded web applications, quality control systems, and analytical systems. After completing the course you will receive a certificate, as well as be able to take an interview with an online school partner. Video lessons, lecture presentations, and sample code will stay with you forever.

Distance learning Python development with job placement

In addition to the above courses, job placement assistance is also available in the following courses:

  1. “The Python Developer Profession” from Skillbox. You will learn Python and Django features from scratch and make several large projects: food delivery service, online store, and taskmaster site. At the end of the online course you will have a consultation with an HR manager who will help you build a resume and portfolio and prepare you for an interview with partners. Real employers will be present at the diploma defense.
  2. “Python Developer” from Yandex.Practicum. You will learn the Python language and basic backend developer tools: Django, SQL, GITHub. You will create several applications during the course: social network, bot-assistant, etc. 2 months before the end of the course you will prepare a resume and portfolio, start interviewing.
  3. “Python Development Faculty” from Geekbrains. In the course you will master web development, learn how to write web applications and create an online store, online chat room, database, website and other programs by yourself. Together with the HR-consultant you will make a resume and respond to the vacancies of the school’s partners. The guarantee of employment is specified in the contract: if you cannot find a job after the course – you will get your money back.

Where to find free online lessons in Python

Some online schools have free distance learning programs for beginners. These are introductory mini-courses that cover the basics of Python:

  • “Python Development for Beginners” by Netology. After registering on the school’s website, you’ll be given access to six webinars. You’ll learn the basics of Python development, make 2 programs yourself, and get a collection of helpful articles, tools, and checklists.
  • “Python for Nonprogrammers” by Skillfactory. An online game simulator to help you take your first steps in programming. You’ll do some simple exercises and write your first code

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