[Poll] How popular is Python in 2021, the grand prize is a MacBook Pro

by Alex
[Poll] How popular is Python in 2021, the grand prize is a MacBook Pro

Python is used by just over 10 million users worldwide, with 1.6 million new developers in 2020. Python is the second most widely used language after JavaScript. Where does this information come from? Thanks to Developer Nation, a biannual survey of more than 36,000 developers around the world. They’re asked about their favorite (and not so favorite) programming languages, libraries, frameworks, developer tools, and platforms. The survey is organized by SlashData, an independent analytics company that specializes in tracking global development trends over the past 10 years. The new Developer Nation international survey has already started, now you have a chance to take part! Answer the questions about your favorite software tools and platforms. Contribute to the future of programming and win valuable prizes. The organizers took care about localization and added Russian version.

Make your development environment, cloud services and ML-tools better

Your answers will help those who create tools for developers to make them more convenient and add the necessary functionality. If you’ve ever wanted to make an impact on the developer ecosystem, now’s your chance. Developer Nation’s new global survey invites all developers and designers to share their opinions on popular technologies, platforms and tools in 13 different areas of software development:

  • mobile, desktop, cloud and web applications,
  • IoT, electronics software, embedded software,
  • virtual and augmented reality,
  • applications and extensions for third-party platforms,
  • games,
  • machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis.

Tell us what projects you’re working on and what challenges you face. If you are just learning, tell us about your learning challenges. Take the survey ->

Win valuable prizes

More than 36,000 developers from 159 countries take part in the survey each year. All registered users participate in the prize draw. After completing the survey you have a chance to win one of the prizes. [Опрос] Насколько популярен Python в 2021, главный приз — MacBook Pro Respondents can win:

  1. MacBook Pro 13 laptop,
  2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus,
  3. gitKraken Pro license,
  4. workstation gadgets,
  5. certificates and licenses for training courses,
  6. amazon vouchers
  7. and more.

In addition, everyone who takes the survey will receive a special developer kit (in electronic form) as a gift. Hurry up, the survey ends August 4. Take the survey ->

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