7 online courses in python programming

by Alex
7 online courses in python programming

Python is not only one of the most popular programming languages, but also one of the easiest to learn. This is one of the reasons why it has been gaining popularity lately. Количество вакансий для python разработчиковThe number of jobs for python developers is growing Although Python is mostly used in Data sciense and for automation, it can be used in web and mobile development, data protection.

Best online Python courses

If you want to pursue a career in Python programming or closely related to the language, now is the best time. Here are 7 programming courses for beginners that will help you get your first job or earn freelance money faster:

1. The Python Developer Profession

7 онлайн-курсов по программированию на python A year-long program for learning python from scratch. You’ll start with the basics: adding numbers, displaying text on the screen. Learn to create simple and complex modular programs: from console scripts to chatbots. At the end of the course you will compile a portfolio of your work, and the Career Center will help you write a competitive resume and prepare you for interviews. Brief Program:

  • Python
  • Python Advanced
  • Web layout
  • Python Django framework
  • General Programmer Knowledge
  • English for IT
  • Git version control system

2. The Data Scientist Profession

7 онлайн-курсов по программированию на python This course will give you basic skills in programming, analytics, statistics, and mathematics that you can apply to data analysis and machine learning. For example, when writing your thesis projects:

  • Recommendation System for the Instacart Online Hypermarket
  • Emotional Recognition System

After training, you will be able to apply for a Junior Data Scientist position. Skillbox School will help with job matching, resume writing and interviewing. Short Program:

  • Introduction to data analysis and machine learning
    • Analytics. Entry Level
    • Statistics and Probability Theory
    • Fundamentals of Mathematics for Data Science
    • Machine Learning. Elementary level
  • Specialization
    • Analytics. Middle level
    • Machine Learning. Intermediate level
  • Bonus courses
    • Programmer’s universal knowledge
    • English for IT specialists

3. Fullstack developer profession in Python

7 онлайн-курсов по программированию на python This course is for those who want to do web development in python. After learning html, css, javascript, you will be able to create web pages, online stores, services, and write the backend and frontend parts yourself. At the end of the course, you will have 4 projects in your portfolio. These will be checked by course instructors – practicing developers. A brief program:

  • Basic courses
    • Web coding
    • JavaScript
    • Python Developer from scratch
    • Python Advanced
  • Elective course
    • Course of choice. Vue framework
    • Elective course. React framework
    • Your elective course. Angular framework
  • Bonus courses
    • Blind Mood Printing Course
    • Photoshop Basics
    • Figma
    • Universal Programmer Knowledge
    • Working on the Bash command line
    • Git version control system
    • English for IT Professionals
    • Software Developer Career and Development
    • Soft skills for the programmer
    • Algorithms and Data Structures

4. Python Framework Django

7 онлайн-курсов по программированию на python Django is a popular framework for creating web applications and APIs. If you have already mastered python and see yourself in website development, this course is a good place to start. In 6 months you’ll learn how to layout web pages, write and optimize web applications in Django. The short program is:

  • Web coding for beginners
  • Python Django framework

5. Python Developer Course

7 онлайн-курсов по программированию на python This is an alternative to the first Python Developer Profession course. The program is 6 months long and teaches the basics of python and advanced usage. The course includes a hands-on project, which will be an advantage for employment. Summary of the program:

  • Setting up the environment
  • Basic data structures
  • Basic operators
  • Functions in detail
  • Modules and Packages
  • Namespaces and Scopes
  • Classes and Objects
  • Class Inheritance
  • Working with Files and Formatted Output
  • Exceptions
  • Functional Programming Tools
  • Multithreading
  • Standard and third-party Python libraries
  • Maintaining the Development Cycle
  • Libraries for working with data
  • Libraries for working with resources
  • Bonus Python Advanced module. Flask: the beginning
  • The Python Advanced bonus module. Linux basics
  • Python Advanced bonus module. The basics of CI culture

Additional courses

In these courses, python is part of the major.

6. Cybersecurity Specialist

7 онлайн-курсов по программированию на python The course explores the architecture of modern websites. You will learn how to identify system vulnerabilities, and learn how to solve them. You will also learn how to program in Python and Bash, and how to do system and network administration on Linux. There will be help in finding employment: writing resumes, searching for jobs, preparing for interviews. Brief Program:

  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Web Deployment
  • SQL
  • Capture the flag competition

7. DevOps engineer PRO profession

7 онлайн-курсов по программированию на python This is the first step to a career as a DevOps engineer. Gain skills in server operations, Linux administration, and learn the basics of programming with leading industry experts. The course adds voxholes on DevOps implementation and job placement assistance. Brief Program:

  • Git version control system
  • Python developer
  • Devops engineer. Fundamentals
  • Devops engineer. Advanced
  • Bonus courses
  • Workshops for students


Good luck learning Python and programming in general! Sure, it won’t be easy, but by following these courses and tutorials on the site, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a Python developer.

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