Popular Python Projects

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Popular Python Projects

Python is one of the top 5 most popular programming languages. It is used in a wide variety of IT fields such as web development, machine learning, application development, and even gamedev.

Where Python is used

Python is used in different areas of programming for a reason. It is easy to learn, has a nice syntax, and has enough tools to solve any problem.

Where Python is usedAlthough it cannot displace Java and PHP from the top positions in web development, in the field of machine learning Python is the number one language.

Application Development

Python can be used to develop desktop and mobile applications, and there are many powerful tools for this. However, large projects are often not written entirely in Python alone. Python is often used to develop individual parts of an application, it allows you to create a simple modding system. Because of its high degree of modularity, changing one part of the program may not affect another. The ability to embed C/C++ code in Python mitigates the problem of slow programs.

You can also fully develop full-fledged applications for mobile devices using frameworks such as Kivi.

Web development

Python has captured a certain part of the sphere, but can not compete with such giants as PHP, Java and Node.js. For implementing server-side logic, they are more convenient and powerful than Python. Python is often used to create solutions that have a narrow focus. For example, sending a document from a site to a printer is difficult to implement in PHP, while Python easily handles this task. Python loses because it is a general purpose language, PHP – a tool designed only for web programming, and Java has long been used in the web.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence gets better every year; scientists are obsessed with the idea of creating a supercomputer that is superior to humans in everything. Python has become the absolute leader in this field for a number of reasons:

  • The language is very simple; scientists like it. They don’t have to spend a lot of time writing code, instead they can focus on AI design.
  • Python easily incorporates C and C++ code, allowing you to use C code in places where speed is important.
  • Python has a fair number of libraries and frameworks designed to simplify machine learning.
  • The flexibility of the language allows you to not be limited to any one development paradigm, the programmer can write object-oriented programs as well as procedural.

Interesting Python projects

There are many developments, but not all of them can be called successful, but there are projects worthy of attention. Let’s look at examples of famous programs, games and sites written in Python.


Hundreds of arcana games, platformers and other small projects have been written in Python, but to appreciate the possibilities of the language, we should consider big developments.

Mount and Blade

Mount and BladeMount and blade is an RPG that has no equivalent. The player is immersed in a medieval world, travels the global map, recruits an army and gains fame and power. When the battle begins, the game turns into a medieval battle simulator, the player controls a third-person character, he has several dozens of warriors to whom he can give orders, and he must kill all the enemy warriors. This system is not in any other game. Strategy, RPG and action is a strange but cool mix. In addition, there can be several hundred computer-controlled warriors on the battlefield, such a scale is impressive. All scripts are written in Python. The game runs great on weak machines. A feature of Python is the ability to make the project modular. Enthusiasts can easily make add-ons for the game, change some mechanics, textures and animations, these changes do not affect the system files of the game.


BattlefieldBattlefield is loved by millions of people. You should not think that the game is written entirely in Python. The developers used it to create some of the scripts, the server side of the game, and the game’s logic. The game was released in 2005 and had suitable system requirements for computers of that time. Using Python allowed for faster development without affecting performance

EVE Online

EVE OnlineAs with Battlefield, EVE Online used Python to build game logic and control the server side of the game. The developers used an improved version of the interpreter called stackless python. Since this is an MMO, the server can handle millions of requests, and stackless python does a great job of that.

Sims 4

Sims 4Sims is the most famous life simulator. The game has been on the radar for about 4 years, covered at various events, ranked at the top and, of course, successfully sold out. To give players more content and features, the developers used Python to implement in-game modding, making it easy to expand the game with additional content.






Civilization 4

Civilization 4Every gamer has heard of Civilization. It is a global turn-based strategy that combines diplomacy, development and war. The developers didn’t limit themselves to using Python to implement some parts of the project, they wrote almost the entire game in it.



BitTorrentThe popular torrent client used by millions of people was written entirely in Python. Note: Version 6 of the program was rewritten in C++.



BlenderBlender is a 3D graphics program that can compete with such giants as Maya and 3DMax. The user gets to create 3D models, animations, as well as videos and games. The main advantage of the program is that it is distributed free of charge. Blender is constantly being improved, augmented with various extensions, getting more and more support in the form of video tutorials and tutorial articles. Python is used to create logic, import and export, automate tasks, and run tools.


GIMPGIMP is a bitmap editor and, partly, vector graphics. It is the only decent replacement for Adobe Photoshop on Linux and is installed on most distributions by default. Python was used for filters, plugins and some scripts.




AnkiA program that uses the method of interval repetition, so the user can easily remember the information (new words, formulas, answers to tests and more).





CalibreA favorite app of everyone who reads a lot of books. The program allows you to view, convert and edit books of different formats. In addition, it supports direct work with different e-books.




Artificial Intelligence

Python is the leader in machine learning. It can be the main language of the project as well as used in separate modules. The most popular AIs are those that work with photos and videos (searching through photos, editing videos and photos, comparing different photos, and so on). Programmers can even teach a computer to determine the emotional state of a person from a photo, although there are still some problems associated with the individual characteristics of different people’s facial expressions. The abundance of libraries makes it easy to create AI that can navigate in space, make decisions, and perform tasks that are inaccessible to humans.

Artificial IntelligenceOne of the newest AIs written in Python is AlphaStar, an AI for Starcraft 2. The developers used PySC2, tools written in Python specifically for SC2. The challenge is that the computer needs to do and assess many things: scouting the enemy, determining his strategy, adjusting his game to it, making optimal decisions on army movements and much more.

AlphaStar is a neural network that improves itself. At first the developers “showed” recordings of games to it, and later they released it to play with regular players.

AlphaStar showed amazing results, it beat one of the best players in the world.


To work with sites usually use the Django framework, which turns Python into a language for web programming.


GoogleIt is the most popular search engine in the world. Every day a huge amount of traffic passes through Google’s servers, which is processed and routed using Python.



YouTubeThis is a site where users can upload and watch videos. It is known to every internet user and collects billions of views every day.



FacebookIt’s the most popular social network in the world, daily users upload millions of pictures, change statuses, create posts – all handled by Python language tools.





InstagramA popular social network that people use to share life stories, photos, thoughts, and so on. Everything related to pictures (searching, posting, browsing) is handled by Python code.




The Potential of Python in Large Projects

Python is often used for prototyping programs, later they are rewritten into other programming languages. This is very convenient because the development of such prototypes is very fast, also it helps to understand what the program will look like. The project is rewritten to another language because of the low speed of code execution in Python. Yes, this language can be used in all large projects as a tool for prototyping, but what about the application in the final version? If you don’t consider machine learning, and take programs where speed of execution is vital, there is hardly room for Python. However, a hybrid of different languages, such as Python and C++, is often practiced. This approach achieves both high development speed and high program execution speed. Python is used to write most of the code, while C++ is used to write only those parts of the code that have a large impact on execution speed (for example, the function of processing and transferring a large amount of data per unit of time).

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